Spanish-Inspired Winery


Bolero is a place for the young at heart. While our French and Italian villages may enjoy a slower, more romantic ambience, this lively Spanish winery is a full-bodied experience—vibrant with rich colors and artwork, bold flavors, and an air of spontaneity. Step into old-world Spain as you revel in a backdrop of olive trees and wildflowers, mosaic tiles, and wrought iron, and breathe in the rich smells of leather, wood and wine.

a couple walking arm in arm, laughing

The Bolero Experience

Here, you’ll indulge in tapas at Bolero Restaurante along with craft microbrews and cocktails. Delight in the luscious flavors of Bolero wines from our tasting room, and savor the experience with a variety of take-home refreshments and mementos from your travels. Whether you’re simply escaping to our borders for the day, or continuing your journey at one of our private casitas or event spaces, adventure awaits at Bolero…set to the tune of a flamenco guitar.

We Invite you to escape to our borders for the day!