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Live Music With Stephanie Salahz

July 17 @ 4:30 pm


Live Music with Stephanie Salahz

u003cspan class=u0022TextRun Highlight SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022 lang=u0022EN-USu0022 xml:lang=u0022EN-USu0022 data-contrast=u0022noneu0022u003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003eStephanie u003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SpellingErrorV2Themed SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003eSalahzu003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003e is a sultry Jazz and RNB Singer with a voice that will melt your heart. Stephanie studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood, C.A. receiving her u003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun ContextualSpellingAndGrammarErrorV2Themed SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003eBachelor’s in Fine Arts Degreeu003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003e and had been intensely immersed in the Los Angeles jazz scene. Now, she has brought her passion for music to Temecula Valley Wine Country; using her one woman show to bring you through timeless decades of music from the 1930s to the present day. Stephanie is also an audio engineer who recreates popular songs into jazz, u003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SpellingErrorV2Themed SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003eRnbu003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003e, and bossa nova styles. From jazz standards to original u003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SpellingErrorV2Themed SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003earrangmentsu003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003e;u003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003e Stephanie crafts an act you u003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003ewon’tu003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022NormalTextRun SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022u003e want to miss! u003c/spanu003eu003c/spanu003eu003cspan class=u0022EOP SCXW229368266 BCX4u0022 data-ccp-props=u0022{}u0022u003e u003c/spanu003e

41150 Via Europa
Temecula, CALIFORNIA 92591
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