Author: Matt Rice, Director of Tasting Rooms at Europa Village, Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators, California Wine Appellation Specialist through the San Francisco Wine School.

Temecula Valley is blessed with a climate that is ideal for the production of high-quality wines of many styles. This level of quality is possible due in large part to the Rainbow Gap.

The Rainbow Gap is a low spot in the Santa Margarita Mountain Range that allows a large volume of cool air to funnel into the Temecula Valley from the Pacific Ocean. This occurs in the afternoon and evening, with the cool air drawn in like a bellows by the high-pressure systems common over the Coachella Valley further to the east.

The combination of warm days and cool nights leads to the perfect conditions for the highest quality grapes. The warm days mean that grapes are allowed to ripen fully while the cooler afternoon and evening conditions aid in preserving the natural acidity. This combination of ripe grapes with balancing acidity leads to wines showing rich and bold flavors while still producing wines of great balance and freshness.
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