Our Wines

Some say that making wine is a science, nothing more, nothing less. However, we believe making wine that captures your attention is an art, and that is Europa Village.

Our approach to winemaking exemplifies the values that we have in store for our future resort and estate. At the core is an Old World apprenticeship and that aspires to express all that we do with a slower pace of life in mind.

Life was less complex then and thus our approach is the same. We aim more for grace and finesse than for power. We seek elegance, vivacity and focus on delivering delicate and harmonious wines that speak of the pace which we strive. We focus on delivering wines that are well knit for freshness and energy rather than deliver a blowsy style. Wines at lower alcohol levels suit our core values. We merely guide to let the wine make itself and will always let them speak for themselves.

We believe our efforts have proven worthwhile every time we open a bottle. It's a labor of love that is meant to be shared. We look forward to your visit so we can tell you the story of our wine, our dream, and the Europa Village still to come.